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Flaqo opens up about past encounters with ‘Mumama’

Kenyan comedian Flaqo recently opened up about his past experiences with older women propositioning him for romantic relationships.

The revelation came during an appearance on the Iko Nini podcast, where the topic of discussion was the alleged leaked video of CAS Millicent Omanga and the possibility of it being manipulated.

Flaqo shared his thoughts on female politicians’ penchant for dating younger men, saying: “Actually, it’s not just Kenyan female politicians. Kuna matha wengi hupenda vijana (We have a lot of older women who love young men)”. He admitted that he might have been tempted to date an older woman if it weren’t for his self-control.

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The comedian recalled two specific incidents during the podcast. The first happened in a club, where an older woman tried to lure him away from a friend by flaunting her wealth and inviting him to her upmarket Muthaiga residence.

“There are many, I met an older woman with arrogance and a Kikuyu accent who showed me her car keys and asked if the friend I was with was my girlfriend. She said, ‘Let’s go to Muthaiga, I have cars, my Prado and Mercedes’,” Flaqo said.

The second encounter was with a married woman whose husband had traveled abroad. She invited Flaqo to spend the night in her home, saying: “Just come to my house; my husband is a white man and is not usually here. Flaqo added that he had been warned to hide in one of the bedrooms if the husband returned unexpectedly.

Asked if these offers had tempted him, Flaqo confessed: “At the time I was not well known and she was not that old, but I have dated women older than me. I like older women, not young girls.”

He admitted to dating older women, reflecting on his youthful experiences.

The comedian’s candid confessions not only shed light on his personal life but also highlight the wider societal issue of older women seeking relationships with younger men.

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