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Flaqo Raz opens up on Keranta dating rumours

Popular content creator Flaqo Raz has come out clean on his relationship with a colleague namely Keranta.

In a recent YouTube interview, Flaqo stressed he was single despite the assumption he was seeing Keranta.

“Keranta is a friend of mine. We share a manager and that is why I am normally around her a lot. I also edit some of her videos,” said the skit-maker.

Responding to whether he had ever tried shooting his shot or getting out of the friendzone corner with the YouTuber, Flaqo laughed it off adding their relationship is purely platonic.

“I can’t say you never know but Keranta ni boyz. Dont force issues.”

Rumors of Flaqo and Keranta being too close for friendship surfaced after the duo was constantly spotted together.

The two also shared photos and videos together while in Mombasa and Malindi for a video shoot last year.

They have both previously denied ever dating, and refer to each other as just friends, something that fans can’t quite seem to agree with.

Earlier in the year, the Instagram model disclosed she was in a relationship.

This was after sharing a picture of her hand being held by a man whom she claimed was Australian, however, their ‘relationship’ did not last long as she later complained of being tired of him.

Keranta previously dated YouTube colleague Amore. The now ex-couple even hard a joint channel on the social media platform.

Flaqo has also been rumored to be dating several other female celebrities including singer Noti Flow after a video of the two getting cozy circulated on the internet.

In the video, Noti Flow was seen giving the comedian a lap dance while kissing him on the cheeks which left their fans in wonder as to whether they were seeing each other.

However, neither one of them gave a comment on the speculations which led to the rumors dying down.