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Flashback Friday! When Mama Ida’s slain bodyguard fiercely defended Raila

By Winnie Mabel October 14th, 2022 2 min read

Barack Onyango Oduor, the security personnel attached to Mama Ida Odinga died on October 14, 2022.

It was believed that he was shot dead by assailants at Riat in Kisumu West Sub-County but police are yet to reveal what unfolded prior to the killing.

Check out what we know so far on the murder.

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As news of his death spread on Friday, October 14, and his friends mourned him over his sudden demise, one could not help but scroll through his social media accounts to know who this man was and what he stood for.

Barrack Oduor, who went by the social media handle Barrack Jaraha Tho Kinapo, on Facebook, was a fierce and loyal supporter of Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga and loyally protected his wife, Mama Ida.

Slain body guard Barack Onyango Oduor
Slain body guard Barack Onyango Oduor

In one of his posts dated June 16, 2022, Barrack posted a long update where he fiercely defended Raila, a 2022 presidential aspirant in the recent August 2022 General Election.

Read his post below:

“Respect Raila, he turned his degree into a multi-billion business empire. Raila Amolo Odinga is not your ordinary fellow, politician, or graduate.

Raila should be not only celebrated for his political achievement but academic prowess.

From Germany with a degree in Metals and as an Engineer graduate, Raila radically transformed the country’s LPG sector.

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After studying metals in his engineering course, Raila noticed the gap between Kenya and Africa in the gas industry.

Armed with this knowledge, Raila established the first gas cylinder-producing firm in the country, Spectre international.

Raila and Ida Odinga with the bodyguard
Raila and Ida Odinga with the bodyguard, Barack Onyango Oduor

Raila used his knowledge to revolutionize the sector and at the same time established a multibillion business empire.

In an actual sense, Raila turned the knowledge he acquired in Germany into a practical and applicable reality.

In Kenya, some scholars have beautiful papers but all in theory. No applicability.

Show me your degree and how you have used it to change the destiny of the nation if it is not purely theoretical.” wrote Mr Oduor.

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Slain body guard Barack Onyango Oduor
Slain body guard Barack Onyango Oduor

In the past, many in Kenya, including politicians, mocked Raila for getting a degree they branded as one that a car mechanic gets.

In Kenya, being a car mechanic is considered a jua kali category kind of job and not much value is given to it; hence Mr Oduor’s fierce defence of Raila’s education and what he has been able to do with his acquired degree.

Mr Oduor leaves behind a wife and five children.

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