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Flight crew to the rescue of ‘low and lost’ Akothee

Kenyan singer Akothee has narrated how co-parenting has been taking a toll on her to the point of breaking down during a flight back home from Europe. In Instagram posts on August 25, 2022, the singer revealed how leaving her children behind with their fathers left her feeling, “low and lost.”

“When you walk into a flight feeling low and lost, then you suddenly meet a whole crew full of vibes & life. Well, for the first time in my entire life I totally broke down at the airport. I almost didn’t want to board the flight. I couldn’t imagine leaving my children behind. I called Rue Baby & Fancy… told them I am not feeling like going back. They encouraged me to just go back to work (that) the kids will be fine,” Akothee said.

She however said the flight crew were happy to see her on their flight and became concerned when they saw her crying in her seat “like a baby.”

“… she was like ‘Akothee hiii welcome onboard’… ohh, it was like she told me ‘Akotheee cry’. Tried to compose myself but in vein. Told her ooh sorry don’t mind me, I miss my children. She confidently comforted me, ahh the big Akothee. Thank you very much Lucy. You have no idea what this did to me. I saw a big sister in as much as I am older than you. Lucy made sure I was okay and fell asleep and the team… aaahh what a wonderful crew,” Akothee said.

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In a subsequent post, Akothee termed co-parenting as, “the animal I hate to love”. She said that women who co-parented children in broken relationships understood how she felt.

“If tears were blood, then single mothers would be dead by now. Strong it is. Just strong, nothing else. If I would have boarded a different airline and with a layover with crew that didn’t understand me, trust me, I would have gone missing and gone back to my children,” she said.

According to a previous Nairobi News report, Akothee said that co-parenting was a relationship that risked the lives of the parents and children if one of the parents did not co-operate and had other interests.

Akothee is currently co-parenting her five children with three baby daddies and has often been vocal about how difficult it is to cope with the arrangements.