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Flying pastor makes ‘heavenly’ entrance to his church – VIDEO

By AGENCIES November 30th, 2018 1 min read

A Mississippi pastor took his sermon to new heights Sunday when, to the surprise of his congregants, he glided into the pulpit with the help of a zip line.

Video of the Rev Bartholomew Orr’s heavenly entrance has thrust him into social media stardom and even earned him the nickname the “Flying Pastorr,” according to the American media.

Orr’s impressive stunt was apparently meant to illustrate the unexpected nature of Jesus Christ’s second coming.


“Are you ready for his return?” he asked the roomful of parishioners at Brown Missionary Baptist Church as he sailed in from the sanctuary’s mezzanine.

The dramatic feat drew raucous laughter and applause from the shocked churchgoers down below.

“Jesus Christ comes again, and every eye will see him when he come again,” Orr continues as he’s lowered onto the stage.


It wasn’t long before clips of the stunt, taken from several angles, flooded social media. Orr, who has been head pastor at the church since 1989, received some blowback for his creativity, however, from critics who claimed his entrance was too over the top. Others argued the use of the lift was a complete waste of time and money.

Orr responded to the criticism a YouTube video explaining that no church funds were used to pull off his grand entrance. In fact, he said, the lift has been used for years as part of the church’s annual Christmas productions.

In the end, the pastor said he hoped his stunt helped spread the Christian gospel.

“There is a bigger picture, and that is Christ is returning soon,” Orr said. “And just as Christ’s return is going to be unexpected, my flying in this morning was unexpected. But we must be ready.”