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Foaming at the mouth as Ariel scrubs Omo wrongly

September 15th, 2013 1 min read

Omo and Ariel, the two washing powders used by thousands of households in Nairobi, are now going hammer and tongs at each other.

The bone of contention is a TV advert in which Ariel crows that it is the most powerful detergent of all.

Unilever Kenya Limited, the manufacturers of Omo will have none of that and have moved to court to get orders compelling the makers of Ariel to withdraw the advert on grounds that it was peddling falsehoods.

Unilever has named Procter and Gamble International Operations South Africa, Procter and Gamble Services Limited and Scangroup Limited, as respondents in the application.

Unilever claims the respondents have been running adverts campaigning for Ariel, disparaging its product Omo.

The company claims it continues to suffer damages due to creation of wrong consumer perception concerning Omo