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Food you should never order on a first date

By NAIRA HABIB September 16th, 2018 2 min read

A first date usually comes with big expectations with the two people wanting be at their best behaviour to leave a lasting impression.

With this in mind, certain foods are a no, on a first date, because they present a situation for a person to embarrass themselves.

So here are the don’t eats on that first date.

1. Beans

Beans usually have a lot of gas and when ingested the gas has to come out somehow. We all know what happens when this gas looks for an outlet to leave the human body.

2. Spinach or kale

You seriously don’t want to find yourself with a piece of kale or spinach stuck on your teeth when you thought you were giving him or her your best smile.

A plate of kales garnished with tomatoes and onions. FILE PHOTO

3. Spaghetti

Most Kenyans still don’t know how to eat spaghetti. Some will end up finishing the meal clean from spaghetti source sprinkled all over their shirts. You also run the risk of making those annoying slurping sounds or even attacking your date by showering him/her with the soup.

A bowl of Spaghetti garnished with tomatoes, onions and ginger. FILE PHOTO

4. Burger

Burgers are usually larger than a human sized mouth. And this forces a person to really open their mouths wider than normal. Believe you me, no one wants to see your molars.

A giant Beef Cheese Burger. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

5. Raw onions or food cooked with garlic

These are notorious for leaving a person with bad breath, destroying the chances of being given a goodnight kiss.

6. Sticky ribs and boned chicken

Always go for boneless chicken that will make you have a drama-free meal where a piece of chicken does not fly’s off the table when trying to cut the meat from the bone.

As for ribs, they are best eaten while being held by the hands and not by using cutlery. And this rises the risk of you ending up with a messy mouth covered in rib sauce.