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Foreigners living in Kenya asked to verify their work permits

By Hilary Kimuyu September 24th, 2019 1 min read

The government has asked foreigners living in Kenya who might have obtained work permits from suspicious sources to visit the Immigration Department offices for verification.

The summons come after police arrested two people in connection to the issuance of fake work permits to a number of firms across the country.

The Interior Ministry, in a statement on Tuesday, said the arrests were made following a sting operation conducted jointly by officers from the Immigration department.

“Those who may have obtained work permits from suspicious sources should quickly visit the Immigration Offices to confirm whether they have genuine documents. This applies to all who did not personally pick their permits,” the statement read in part.

The ministry, at the same time, warned those applying for work permits to follow the right channels and avoid short-cuts.

“The process of issuance of work permits is elaborate and involves online interaction with the Immigration Department. If you are caught holding fake or fraudulently obtained work/residence permit you will be prosecuted,” it said.


It further added that anyone who attempts to engage in such unscrupulous practices will be apprehended and will face the full force of law.

“The government would like to advise investors, expatriates and persons seeking residence status to engage the Department of Immigration Services directly through the established systems and procedures,” the statement added.

Police are still looking for the suspects’ accomplices who are on the run.

Over the weekend police arrested a man who is believed to be behind fake work permits at the Immigration Department.

The suspect, according to the authorities, infiltrated the immigration department and issued fake work permits to a number of firms.