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‘Nightmare’ that Form One selection presents to some parents

By NAIRA HABIB December 5th, 2017 2 min read

Parents have camped on social media to lament on the ‘strange’ criteria used to place their children who sat for KCPE this year into secondary schools across the country.

The conversation started on a Facebook closed group by one online user by the name Otiende Annlinah, who questioned how her child has been selected to join a school in Mandera county while she did her KCPE examination at a school in Kiambu county.

Her bone of contention is the long distance and culture shock her daughter would be subjected should she join the said school.

This, she said, has informed her decision to start looking for an alternative school for her daughter.

“Yaani from Kiambu to Mandera girls. Matiang’I do something. Ati tununuwe hijab we are not Muslims… Can’t allow, nitaanza kutarmac kesho,” Ms Otiende wrote.

Here is the advice she got from other parents online:

Sue Mum Morgan said, “hehehehe it happened to my son 2016 from Kiambu to Busia had to otherwise relax mama.”

Lesedi Leila said, “Mandera is bae… peleka mtoi asome.”

“I also would not take my child to a school that far… transport kwanza ndo shida… How many hrs will he spend on the road for 4yrs? Resist… mtafutie shule ingine,” wrote Wangari Muthungu.

Josephine Ndelu commented, “I don’t know much about it but huwa inasifiwa sana… My kid cousin ameitwa all the way to Lugulu from Kitui and the mum is happy hata kama hajui shule vile iko.”

Amani Emily said, “Waa, from Kiambu to Mandera si ni mbali sana yawa.”

“Matiagi anamaliza tribalism in our next generation so mum’s poleni,” posted Anito Njoka.

Munari Njugi Wangari, wrote “Wats happening, have u noticed most candidates from Central wameitwa side za Nyanza n those from Nyanza to Central?”

Fridah Muthuri said, “Hehehehe… Hiyo kataa… Hardship tupu… I work near there… Struggle and fear of Alshabaab always.”