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Former 7s player Biko Adema proposes to his girlfriend

By Freya Wanjiku November 29th, 2022 2 min read

Former Kenya 7s player Biko Adema is off the market after he proposed to his girlfriend.

Kenyan international shared a photo showing the engagement ring on his fiancée’s hand and captioned it, “Biggest flex of the year.”

Going to his Instagram, the couple has been dating since 2020, even though they have kept it under wraps.

From the comment section, Adema’s fiancée is called Wanjiru (Shinganga is her Instagram name).

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Adema’s followers immediately took to the comment section of the couple and wished them well.

Julie Mwangi posted,”Congratulations fam, I’m so happy for you and Shinganga,”

“Congratulations again !!!! I’m so happy everything worked out!! I’m so happy Shinganga,” Nyamzee wrote.

“Congratulations Biko, umefanya vizuri kututolea jam,” Okwako_radius posted.

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“Really big flex ma man! Now make a conversation on the big day,” Giovanni_indangasi wrote.

“Ademz congratulations to you. Wishing you a bond filled with love and friendship. Mbarikiwe,” Njeri Wamarite posted.

While playing for the 7s Adema became the fantasy of every girl in town. He has hot abs, a good look and a chilled persona with a hint of arrogance, the bad boy vibe.

In one of the interviews in 2016, Adema described his ideal kind of woman as, “I definitely like somebody whom I can get along with; somebody who is comfortable with me in whatever situation and also who is good-looking, charming and ambitious.

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I am attracted to women who can make me laugh and take things lightly. She should understand when it is to get serious and when it is to have fun; somebody who has moral values. She should have her future planned out.”

Biko started playing rugby in 1999 for a junior team but picked up the sport seriously while in St. Mary’s High School after he realized he had a talent in the sport.

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