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Former gospel star Willy Paul gets more than he asked for from raunchy dancer

Former gospel singer Willy Paul was over the weekend left defending his sore groin from a dancer’s peculiar moves on stage.

Willy Paul made a special performance at comedian Oga Obinna’s birthday party held over the weekend in Naivasha.

He was performing his latest hit song titled “Hallelujah”, a collaboration with Tanzanian singer Nandy, when a skimpily dressed dancer grabbed him by the shoulders and crashed her groin on the singer.

She grew more aggressive and attempted to repeat the move, but Willy Paul managed to evade her with the help of comedian Jalangoo.

Willy Paul’s reaction was a contrast from on previous performances with singer Nandy. The two appeared not to mind giving a racy performance to their fans with a knock of groins on stage.

Their show at the Choma na Ngoma in Nairobi concert was riddled with Nandy dancing suggestively with him. In one instance she goes ahead to straddle Willy Paul with her hips as he supports her back with one hand.

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