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Former Kameme FM presenter Njoki wa Ndegwa passes on

By CHAD KITUNDU February 17th, 2018 1 min read

Former Kameme FM presenter Njoki wa Ndegwa is dead. She died on Friday in USA after a long battle with brain tumour.

Until her death,Njoki was running Jambo Radio Network (JRN), a popular radio station in USA.

She relocated to USA two years ago after parting ways with Kameme FM.

Njoki died at the Parklands Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas, where she was being treated for metastatic brain tumors.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 that was successfully cured.

In October 2016 however, she started having problems with her voice and balance. Upon going to the hospital, she was again diagnosed with aggressive metastatic brain tumors which led to the loss of her voice as well as mobility.

A veteran radio broadcaster, Njoki worked at Kameme FM for almost four years before moving to the United States.

Njoki told NPR News that she did not know what the future held for her and some of her friends urged her to return to Kenya to continue with her successful radio career.

“Why not be a Kenyan radio star right here in Boston?” she told the news agency.

The online station was later renamed Jambo Radio Network (JRN) and under Njoki’s leadership the station garnered a large audience among Kenyans living in the USA and other countries worldwide.