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Former Kanu bigwig’s Kalenjin statement halts divorce case proceedings

By GERALD BWISA November 25th, 2016 1 min read

The hearing of a case in which former powerful Kanu operator, Jackson Kibor, is seeking to divorce his wife of 51 years took a strange twist after it emerged that a statement he recorded was in Kalenjin.

When the case came up for hearing before the Principal Magistrate Charles Obulutsa on Wednesday, the magistrate stepped down Josephine Jepkoech Kibor, 68, from testifying until December 19, to allow for interpretation of her estranged husband’s statement in English.

“I direct that the hearing of the divorce case pitting Kibor and his second wife be adjourned until December 19, to allow for interpretation of a statement which he recorded in Kalenjin to English for the benefit of all parties involved in this matter,” ruled Obulutsa.


In the lawsuit, the 82-year-old politician-cum-farmer is seeking to end his marriage to his wife with whom they have six children.

Earlier on in her testimony, Mrs Kibor dismissed as untrue accusations of alleged desertion, cruelty and interfering with her husband’s ownership of an 800-acres of land in Kipkabus in Uasin Gishu County.

“I have never chased my husband from our family’s Kipkabus farm as he claims but he is the one who deserted me 30 years ago when he married a third wife,” she told a packed courtroom.

Mrs Kibor is represented in the case lawyer Amos Magut while lawyer Waziri Omolo is representing Mr Kibor, who wants the court to declare the marriage irretrievable and hence dissolved.