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Former Leopards coach awarded Sh2.4m for unlawful dismissal

By DAVID KWALIMWA November 17th, 2016 1 min read

Former AFC Leopards coach Ivan Minnaert has been awarded Sh2.4 million by a local dispute resolution body in a case he’d filed against his former employer for unlawful dismissal.

The decision was made by the newly formed Football Kenya Federation (FKF)’s Arbitration Tribunal on Monday.

“Doing the best that we can,” the five member Tribunal declared in its 29 page ruling, “the Tribunal awards the Coach an award of six months salary as compensation. This translates to the sum of United States Dollars Twenty Four Thousand only.”

However, the Belgian coach who was fired by Leopards in September exclusively told Nairobi News he did not wholly agree with the judgement.


“The most important is that I won. But I prefer to leave this experience, (which is) the worst in my coaching career,” Minnaert said.

Speaking separately, Leopards Secretary General Oscar Igaida hinted that the club will not appeal against the decision.

“He had asked for 18 months but he’s only received 6 months. This are the consequences of lack of following procedure because his contract never had targets,” the club official explained.

Leopards has since named Briton Stewart Hall to replace Minnaert.