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Former Machachari actor Govi open to dating older women

Former Machachari actor Malik Lemuel, popularly known as Govi, has revealed that he is open to dating older women.
The 22-year-old mentioned this during a Q and A session with his followers on Instagram.
The International Relations student shared some of his preferences as far as love matters are concerned.
One netizen asked him, “can you date a lady who is older than you.
To which he responded, “Uhh yeah! Mi bora nimekutambua na umenitambua…Kwanza in my life I’ve been used to older since back then.”
He said he is attracted to women but his preference is core virtuous values.
He was however quick to clarify that he was not in a relationship currently.
Last year while responding to one of his followers, Govi confirmed that he has no woman due to his tight schedule; and unlike his peers who are drowning in love – the 21-year-old prefers to maintain a low profile to grow himself before approaching a woman. He wrote;
“Sina dem. I’m only 21 to have life go down the drain because of mapenzi. I have other important things to do now. I just had to write his on a light note because I know many people will read this. Finally, respect to those who are enjoying mapenzi. We all have different paths,” he said.
During the questions and answers session, he further advised young men to focus on building themselves first before jumping into relationships.
“I have been in a relationship, walked away in some, I have been left in some, but the best thing is I’m still alive.”
Asked if religion is a factor for him, Govi said love is never a question of religion.
“Neither tribe nor race. We are all human.”