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Former President Uhuru Kenyatta reacts to bizarre intrusion at son’s Karen home

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta has firmly responded to recent events involving his family, expressing concerns and standing firm against government actions.

The drama unfolded when men who claimed to be detectives from Directorate of Criminal Investigations conducted a raid at his eldest son, Jomo’s Karen home, allegedly in search of illegal weapons, after the withdrawal of security for his mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

Addressing the media in an impromptu press conference on July 21, evening in Karen, Uhuru shared further details about the raid.

According to the former President, his son had informed him about the incident, stating that as he was leaving the house, the watchman at the gate had alerted him to individuals claiming to be officers from the DCI.

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These supposed officers were driving vehicles with Sudanese registration plates and wanted to speak with him.

Uhuru raised serious doubts about the legitimacy of these alleged DCI officers, as police in Kenya do not operate using vehicles with foreign registration.

“I told him, based on my knowledge, the police do not arrive in cars with foreign number plates. Secondly, they should possess a warrant, and thirdly, they are obligated to state their case and present the warrant. I instructed them not to open the gate,” said Uhuru.

He added, “I am present, and I have learned that they have departed. I wanted to inquire about their purpose for being in my home.”

Adding to his concerns, Uhuru revealed that security personnel who had faithfully guarded his mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, for over five decades, were abruptly withdrawn without explanation.

This puzzling action, occurring during the night, raised further questions about the motives and actions of those involved.

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In the midst of these developments, the former President also addressed another issue, denying any involvement in financing the three day Azimio demonstrations.

He directed this response to President William Ruto, emphasizing that he has never participated in or funded any of these events.

Uhuru stressed that the government should focus on addressing the real issues facing Kenyans, rather than searching for scapegoats.

Furthermore, Uhuru asserted his right to support Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio party, and reaffirmed his loyalty to him.

He defended his democratic right to support the political leader of his choice and compared his involvement in politics to the late Former President Daniel Moi, who remained a Kanu party member until his death.

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