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Former Speaker Farah Maalim apologies for brawl at city hotel

Former deputy speaker Farah Maalim has apologized to the public after a video of him exchanging blows with a Somali ex-minister at a Nairobi a restaurant went viral.

Mr Maalim issued the apology on Monday morning during his appearance at AM Live show on NTV ,where he said he regretted his actions.

The former legislator was captured in the one-minute CCTV footage dated Thursday, September 29, hitting the ex-minister as the recipient tries to shield his face with both hands.

“It’s not something that any politician will feel good about it, and it is something that I regret very much, my relatives also and we apologize to the community,” said Farah Maalim.

He said the reason for the altercation is now water under the bridge, since “they have their own traditional, family ways of solving such things.”

Mr Maalim told Nairobi News on September 30th that he was not at liberty to discuss the matter as it was being handled by the community elders.

“Whatever happened I’m not at liberty to discuss as it is being handled by the community elders and we do not intend to pursue it legally. It is a community matter,” said Mr Maalim.

Asked if he was injured in the brawl he said, “No one was injured.”

Mr Maalim has been endorsed by the opposition to battle it out in the 2017 elections for the Garissa Town seat against majority leader Aden Duale.