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Former Speaker Farah Maalim, Somali ex-minister fight at city hotel – VIDEO

By EVELYNE MUSAMBI September 30th, 2016 2 min read

A video of former deputy speaker Farah Maalim exchanging blows with a Somali ex-minister at a Nairobi hotel has been leaked online.

The one-minute CCTV footage dated Thursday, September 29, shows the visibly annoyed former legislator turning to the unidentified ex-minister with the first blow as the recipient tries to shield his face with both hands.

The Somali ex-minister signals at an official who comes in between the two attempting to stop the fight.

Mr Maalim, however, goes after the former minister pushing him metres away with spontaneous blows and kicks.

More people come in and try to get in between the two suited up men and moments later the ex-minister is escorted out of the hotel.

Mr Maalim follows closely after him and even bends down to pick up something that fell on the floor during the fight then goes on to walk out.

It is unclear what prompted the brawl but the two officials were seemingly infuriated.

Kilimani OCPD Peter Katam confirmed the incident stating, “We are investigating the matter. They had their political differences and we are yet to find out what transpired.”

Reached for comment, Nairobi Police boss Japhet Koome said the matter was being handled by the diplomatic police.

Mr Maalim told Nairobi News that he was not at liberty to discuss the matter as it was being handled by the community elders.

“Whatever happened I’m not at liberty to discuss as it is being handled by the community elders and we do not intend to pursue it legally. It is a community matter,” said Mr Maalim.

Asked if he was injured in the brawl he said, “No one was injured.”

Mr Maalim was recently endorsed by the opposition to battle it out in the 2017 elections for Garissa Town MP who current representative is majority leader Aden Duale.

Mr Maalim, who is vying for Garissa Town MP, when asked about his conduct as an aspiring MP said, “Politicians want to escalate the matter but the community is handling the incident.”

The video which was shared by journalist Yassin Juma elicited mixed reactions among users.