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Former Town Clerk John Gakuo pleads to be freed on bond

May 29th, 2018 2 min read

Former Nairobi Town Clerk John Gakuo has pleaded with the High Court to free him on bond, pending an appeal he has filed against a three-year sentence imposed on him ten days ago for abuse of office.

Urging the court to consider his age and ill-health, Mr Gakuo pleaded to be freed on bond.

He said if freed, he will abide by all conditions of the court.

Further, Mr Gakuo said he was not a flight risk and his an appeal that has high chances of success. He said he is above 60 years and suffers from several ailments.


In the court papers, Mr Gakuo said the case forced him in and out of hospital from time to time and has been “suffering intermittently from high blood pressure, hypertension and chest problems.”

He said he has no previous conviction, does not pose any threat to the community or any one who testified against him.

Mr Gakuo was jailed alongside former Local Government Permanent Secretary Sammy Kirui for abuse of office in connection to the purchase of cemetery land valued at Sh283 million.

The two were sentenced to three years in jail each and fined Sh1 million, for abuse of office and failure to comply with procurement rules.

They were jailed alongside former Nairobi City Council Legal Secretary Mary Ng’ethe and chairman of the Tender Committee Alexander Musee.

Ms Ng’ethe was sentenced to three years in jail and fined Sh52 million, failure to which she will serve an additional one year.

Mr Musee was sentenced to three years and a fine of Sh32 million or serve one year in jail, in default.


The two were found guilty of giving a misleading report purporting that the committee had agreed to buy the controversial 120-acre plot in Mavoko town.

The court said the two failed to stop payment of over Sh283 million to Naen Rech Ltd for the irregular purchase.

Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti ruled that Mr Gakuo and Kirui were in a position to cancel the tender but they failed.