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Former Trade CAS David Osiany calls for KIMC Diploma upgrade

Former Trade Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) David Osiany has urged the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) to consider accrediting the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) Diploma to Higher National Diplomas and equating it to University Bachelor’s Degrees.

His opinion comes after a successful accreditation of KMTC Diploma to Higher National Diploma Qualifications, falling in the KNQA level 7, and making it equivalent to the Bachelor’s degree, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) III, Certified Public Secretary (CPS) or Master Craft Person I.

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Through a social media post, Osiany agreed with the move to upgrade KMTC’s Diploma, suggesting that the quality of training at KIMC is incredible, and should also be upgraded.

“I’m in agreement about the accreditation and acknowledgment of KMTC’s Higher National Diploma as a degree equivalent. The next one should be Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC). The quality of graduates from both schools is incredibly great,” Osiany said.

KIMC is a Semi-Autonomous Government Agency (SAGA) under Legal Notice No. 197 of 2011, mandated to offer training in communication and the cinematic arts.

The college is among the most respected institutions in the country when it comes to journalism training and has produced a number of prominent people in the media industry in the country and beyond.

On Friday, KMTC received its certificate of registration, and accreditation from the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA), after a successful evaluation and subsequent endorsement as a Qualification Awarding Institution (QAI).

This means that a total of 42 KMTC qualifications which were fully aligned to KNQF requirements for accreditation have been registered onto the Kenya National Qualifications Framework (KNQF) portal.

Following the accreditation, KMTC Chief Executive Officer Dr Kelly Oluoch said that the college will continue to enhance its processes to ensure the quality of graduates KMTC releases into the market meet the expectations of employers as well as those they serve.

“This accreditation provides an assurance that our programmes are recognized worldwide and in return their comparability with qualifications of institutions of higher learning enhances employability of our graduates,” Dr Oluoch said.