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Former World Marathon Record holder arrested for drinking during curfew

Former World Marathon Record holder, Wilson Kipsang, was on Thursday night arrested with 20 others while drinking inside a pub in Iten in violation of the 7pm-5am curfew imposed by the government a week ago in a bid to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

According to Elgeyo-Marawaket county police commander John Mwinzi, Kipsang was with Kapchemutwa MCA Ambrose Kiplagat alias ‘Roho Juu’ and 20 other people, who were all arrested at 8 pm after the officers found them in the popular club in Iten drinking past 7pm.

In addition to the curfew, the government has also already closed all the bars and nightclubs although some patrons have been colluding with owners who allow them to lock themselves inside and drink.

“The suspects had locked themselves up in the establishment and were having drinks beyond the 7 o’clock set curfew time. Police had to force themselves in before arresting them,” said Mr Mwinzi.

He added that the police were following a tip from members of the public, who got wind of people locked up in the club, while drinking and talking loudly.

The duo together with other suspects were all bundled in a waiting police land rover and taken to Iten police station.
Kipsang is currently suspended for violating doping rules.

“It’s unfortunate that police, instead of arresting ordinary offenders are forced to go for people of respected stature in the society who engage in mischief despite knowing well what they are supposed to do. Those are people who should be assisting us enforce this simple rule but ironically are in the first line of offenders,” said the police commander.

He warned members of the public of serious repercussions should anyone take advantage of the fact that they are not using any force in implementing the no moving out beyond curfew.