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Foul mouthed Kuria prays for Raila’s death – VIDEO

Foul mouthed Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on Thursday told Jubilee supporters that he has prayed for Raila Odinga’s death and all that remains is for Kenyans to vote the Opposition leader out in the upcoming general.

Kuria, while addressing a rally in Murang’a county, made the comments amid cheers from the crowd, telling them how much trouble Raila has been.

Addressing the crowd in his native Gikuyu language, Kuria said that he had struck a deal with God for Raila to die once Kenyans vote him out in the August 08 elections.

A video with the translation of Kuria’s sentiments has been widely shared online.

The legislator has in the past been accused to hate speech and appeared in court regarding statements he uttered publicly.