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Four brave celebrities who have made their significant others managers

By Freya Wanjiku November 4th, 2022 2 min read

Some celebrities have elected to make their lovers their managers, a move that sees them spend quality time as well as boost their now ‘joint business.’

While this can be a big leap of faith, especially to the ones that are still dating, the success of the business, as well as the relationship, is dependent on how they shall weather through the storm on rough days. However, if the relationship tanks, the business can be tainted.

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Here are some of the celebrities who made their lovers managers;

Masterpiece King

He is the latest to join the club after he asked his girlfriend to Fao Shishi to be his manager.  “My man’s 😍 asked me to be his MANAGER 🥺 I said YES 💞Endeni msikie mbaya na huko 😂,” she posted on her Instagram.

Favorite Teen Song Choice Masterpiece.

Born Emmanuel King, Masterpiece and Shishi started dating months after the latter broke up with Dzaddy Amore.

Although Amore had popped the question last year, their relationship never stood the test of times with claims of cheating sufficing.

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The Tanzanian bongo flava artiste appointed his fiancé Fridah Kajala as his manager after she accepted to get back with him.

The announcement was made by Konde Boy’s first manager Choppa, who mentioned that the singer now has a total of four managers.

Tanzanian singer Harmonize with his girlfriend Frida Kajala. PHOTO | COURTESY

The four are Mjerumani, Jembe Ni Jembe, Choppa and Kajala. “Allow me to welcome in management team new CEO and manager Kajala I’m excited to work with you shem,” Choppa wrote while welcoming Kajala to Konde Gang.

Kajala broke up with the Matatizo hit maker after he was accused of seducing Kajala’s daughter Paula. Harmonize would then apologize by erecting billboards, tattooing his body and even buying two Range Rovers for her.

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Born Timothy Kimani, Njugush had initially appointed his wife Celestine Ndinda aka Wakavinye as his manager. However, speaking to Cleaning the Airwaves, Njugush pointed out that the company (Njugush creatives) began attracting a variety of clients but ended up losing many deals due to inexperience.

“We needed to differentiate ourselves from other competitors, so it was said that Celestine had to stop being the manager as we needed someone who can push this since we were learning on the job. We needed a professional,” he stated.

Comedian Njugush receives his Taji Recognition Award. PHOTO | COURTESY

After Abel Mutua’s wife, Judy Nyawira, became their manager, Njugush notes that that within a month’s time, they were able to streamline production services which resulted to products such as Dereva seriesCele’s reflections, among others.

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Mercy Masika

The Shule Yako hit maker while on an interview with Radio Jambo says credited her music success to her husband who doubles up as her manager.

“I would not be this great if it was not for my husband’s hard work because he does a lot of things that I could not be doing by myself,” she said adding that she would have quit if someone else was managing her.

Kenyan gospel artiste Mercy Masika and her husband David Mugoro. PHOTO | COURTESY
Kenyan gospel artiste Mercy Masika and her husband David Mugoro. PHOTO | COURTESY

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