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Four police officers arrested for stealing Sh30k from civilian identified

Four police officers who were arrested in the city on Thursday and Friday alongside a civilian for allegedly robbing a civilian of Sh30,000 have finally been identified.

Constable Job Anyona, based at the Railways Police Station, was arrested by members of the public on Thursday afternoon with his three accomplices earlier believed to be civilians but have now been identified as officers who had been interdicted.

According to police, the four officers approached a civilian who was attending a relative’s graduation at the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) and arrested him claiming he was a pick pocket.

While on Friday, upon interrogation by detectives from the DCI and Special Crimes Prevention Unit (SCPU), Constable Anyona led them to Corporal Timothy Ouma of Mathare AP Camp, believed to be one of his accomplices.

Detectives have since established that Anyona has been on interdiction after being charged with two counts of robbery with violence and kidnapping before the Kibera Law Court and was charged alongside an AP officer from Railways police station, a military officer from the Department of Defence and three civilians.

Other accomplices in the Thursday robbery, who were identified alongside Corporal Ouma, are Constable Bernard Okari of Railways Nairobi and Constable Oliva Jumba and are believed to be Anyona’s co-accused on interdiction over the Kibera robbery and kidnapping cases.

Police say the victim is a car-hire driver and was attending a kin’s graduation at KMTC when the four, all purporting to be police officers hand-cuffed him, took his phone and car keys, before demanding Sh30,000 for his release.

“The victim could only manage to raise Sh20,000 in which they escorted him to a nearby ATM to withdraw but they still refused to release him and demanded more,” said a police statement.

The suspects reportedly threatened to kill the driver if he failed to pay the whole amount and forced him to borrow the deficit from friends through M-Pesa.

However, in a twist of events, the driver spotted a Police Chief Inspector and rushed to him for help, forcing the gang of four to flee.

“The gang started fleeing in separate ways but were cornered and arrested by members of the public,” DCI said.

When the suspects were arrested, police recovered two mobile phones, Sh50,140 in cash, a damaged police pocket phone and handcuffs.

“They are all placed in custody and will be charged accordingly. We congratulate the public for joining hands in fighting crime,” police added.