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Francis Gaitho critiques Samidoh’s corporate endorsements, KOX reacts

Controversial vlogger Francis Gaitho has ignited a debate with his recent post criticizing Mugiithi artiste Samidoh, who boasts significant corporate endorsements.

Samidoh, in the announcement of his Foundation launch on Wednesday, November 29, proudly shared a list of over 20 brands that sponsored the event, prompting Gaitho’s commentary.

On his X platform, Gaitho questioned how Samidoh, whom he described as talentless with no choreography, vocals, or stage presence, managed to secure sponsorship from numerous brands.

Gaitho expressed frustration with what he perceives as “gatekeeping in Kenya” and called for a boycott of the corporations supporting what he deems as mediocrity.

“How does a talentless guy with no choreography, vocals or stage-presence rack up so many sponsors? The gate-keeping in Kenya is crazy. I’m a Kikuyu and I don’t know one single song of his. Boycott these corporates for promoting mediocrity.”

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The post has evoked a mixed reaction, with some fans defending Samidoh’s hard work and success while others echoed Gaitho’s sentiments, suggesting the Mugiithi artiste is overrated.

MPOA countered Gaitho, stating, “Gaitho, everything is not about you, your feelings, and what you think. People actually listen to his music, and he has great songs, by the way. You boycotting means nothing; try racking even half the number of sponsors.”

@Dr_AustinOmondi criticized Gaitho for consistently having negative opinions about others, urging introspection, peace, and finding God.

@FGaitho237 defended his stance by claiming that Samidoh is not in the pecking order of Kikuyu music and gained notoriety for his drama with baby mamas rather than talent.

@sub_zzerro highlighted the role of drama in celebrity headlines and sided with Gaitho, calling him “obsolete.”

@EngPKiarie questioned Gaitho’s bitterness and affirmed Samidoh’s status as one of the best Mugiithi artists, advising Gaitho to focus on mental health through gym visits.

Samidoh is scheduled to launch his foundation later today at the Parklands Sports club with several politicians attending.

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