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Frankie addresses claims he’s a deadbeat dad

Frankie Justgymit has responded to claims that he is a deadbeat dad.

He cleared the air while answering some of the questions his followers posted on his Instagram stories after he asked them to ask him anything they wanted to know about him.

On his YouTube channel, he revealed that he sends money to Maureen Waititu to takes care of school fees in Montessori.

“Each week, I send money for my children’s upkeep. I send six thousand shillings per week, personally I spend like 2,500 on myself and I’m a full-grown man. I pay school fees of 150,000 per sem.”

He added that his mother helps with part of the school fees.

Until recently, his children had two nannies whom they have been co-paying with Maureen as per their agreement.

“I don’t really don’t see where the part of a deadbeat dad comes in based on that explanation. Yesterday, actually I paid school fees for online classes.” he continued.

He also revealed that they sought help from their pastor with Maureen to try and sort out their issues and salvage their marriage, which did not work.

He added that his mother gifted him her house in Westlands where his children live.

He got emotional and cried while narrating his first meet up with the kids after parting ways with Maureen. His greatest fear was that the children would forget him after not seeing him for three weeks after parting ways.

Frankie is currently engaged to Corazon Kwamboka with whom they are expecting their first child.