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Frankie Gymit: I have never been broke in my life

Content creator Frankie Kiarie, popularly known as Justgym It, found himself in a bit of controversy after a recent interview discussing his background and the financial aspects of gym ownership.

The interview, conducted by Financial Incorrect on YouTube, delved into the highs and lows of the fitness industry.

A statement made by Frankie during the interview stirred reactions from his followers, particularly when he mentioned that he did not face financial struggles while growing up.

According to him, coming from a wealthy family meant he had everything, including access to the best schools.

“I have never really struggled with finances in my life. I have never been broke in my life, and I don’t know what that feels. That’s not even a flex; I am just saying,” Frankie stated during the interview.

This comment led to discussions in the video’s comment section, with one fan expressing concern that Frankie’s remarks might create the wrong impression that he relies on his family’s wealth for his lifestyle.

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In response, Frankie clarified that he was not supported to start his business and that he saved for ten years to build his gym.

“No one said I depend on anyone. I said I’ve never struggled growing up. I went to the best schools, had food on the table and never lacked. I’m grateful for that. What I’ve built, I’ve built on my own. No one gave me a handout. It took me 10 years to save and build my gym. I’m PROUD of that. Entrepreneurs are made with the right mindset and the right skillset. Not money. We are committed to take calculated risks and persevere against all odds.”

Despite some criticism, several fans came to Frankie’s defense, urging others to avoid double standards and acknowledge his hard work and achievements.

“Why do people think he is bragging? Because he isn’t. It is not his fault that he comes from a well-off family and he talks about it. Some come from poverty and never stop posting about where ‘God has taken them from’ – how is this any different. Acheni double standards, work hard for your children to stop glorifying poverty!” defended one fan.

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