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Frasha: alcoholism nearly killed me

Rapper Francis Amisi popularly known as Frasha has opened up about the time he battled with alcohol addiction that almost killed him.
This happened during his high flying days as a group member of the genge group P-Unit. With hit songs like “You Guy”, “Gentleman” among others, the group were one of the most sought after music groups.
“Fame can be a blessing and at the same time can be a curse because when you are famous almost everything comes to you for free, especially alcohol. I have been married for 22 years now and my firstborn is 19 years,” Frasha said.
“Being a father, being a married man and being in the industry it can be quite challenging and most artists usually hide behind social media posting pictures but when they are alone at home they indulge in substance abuse,”
Unfortunately for him, he was among this group of individuals.
“First I got gout, I could not walk properly and when anyone asked me what was wrong I just brushed it off with a silly answer. Secondly, I was also diagnosed with hypertension,” he said.
This was a wake-up call for him. The idea of having to start taking medication at a specific time prescribed by the doctor was too much for him.
“I then knew I had to change my life and reduce everything, I will say this with no fear of contradiction. A good number of artists are suffering from depression at the moment. And it is about time people started taking mental health seriously,” said Frasha as he was being unveiled as the new brand ambassador for NuHealth Medical Group.
Some of the initiatives he has started since his recovery include the 90 days free of alcohol challenge under the Frasha Foundation.
“I am one of the few lucky ones who were able to get help and that is why today I am here telling my story. When I hear someone refer to me as an alcoholic I do not get mad. I own it because that was once a part of my life,” he said.
Frasha recently announced his interest in vying for the Member of County Assembly seat for Athi River.