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Fresh twist as two claim photo of dead Facebook teen

September 30th, 2015 1 min read

Facebook users raised questions about the picture of the girl who is said to have committed suicide, after a young woman who identified herself as Mercy Josiah claimed that the photograph published on Tuesday’s Daily Nation newspaper was hers.

She has threatened to sue the newspaper over the matter but by Tuesday, she was yet to honour a request to present herself to the Nation’s Mombasa office.

“The pic is mine and the details, but the story is not mine,” said Ms Josiah on her Facebook wall.

Ironically, the same picture has been claimed by another young woman, who identifies herself as Mandy Okereke Mphulle, who claims to live in Lagos, Nigeria.

However, most of Mandy’s 532 friends are Kenyan. Most of her female friends have Kenyan names while her male friends have either German or American names.


Mandy is yet to complain about the use of the picture.

This could be an indication that both Mercy Josiah and Mandy Okereke have been using dummy accounts on social media.

Facebook allows users to open as many personal accounts as they wish.

On Twitter, a user who identified herself as Maria Marie (@MsNyaguthi) was among the first to send a tweet claiming that the Daily Nation had used the wrong picture.

“The picture used on this story belongs to Mercy Josiah and she is not dead,” she tweeted.

In subsequent tweets, she urged Ms Josiah to sue the newspaper.