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Fridah Kajala’s advice to her daughter Paula; don’t let Marioo use you and leave you.

Tanzanian actress Fridah Kajala has shared her advice with her daughter Paula as she continues with her relationship with Tanzanian singer Marioo.

In a video that aired on their mother-daughter reality show, Kajala urged her daughter not to let the Mi Amor singer use and dump her.

Inferring from Paula’s relationship with Rayvanny alias Chui, the socialite told her daughter to exercise caution while still in the relationship so that she could not be a victim of circumstances.

Detailing how her relationship with Rayvanny spewed on social media and soiled her name, Kajala said, “You are stressed. Mtu anakuja na stress zake anakutumia. Amepita Rayvanny amekutumia then what? Anakuchoresha tu then watu wanakutukana bila sababu. Usimpe hiyo nafasi Marioo akutumie. (You are stressed. Someone comes with their own stresses and uses you. Rayvanny came and used you then what? He deceived you then people were abusing you for no apparent reason. Do not give Marioo the chance.)”

Paula’s relationship with Marioo began a couple of weeks ago with him announcing their relationship in defense of her bullies who had called her out due to her past life.

“There are people who have a big problem especially because of her kind heart or her fame. Please let this fine girl be. Let her enjoy. I know those who hate her are less yet she is still young and I do not want her to be hurt because I love her so much @therealpaulahkajala,” he said.

While they are engrossed in their new love, Paula’s relationship with Rayvanny lasted only for some months and their nasty split was attributed to a clip aired on the reality show.

In response to the aired clip, the Mapopo hitmaker and Paula resulted in engaging in a war of words with both of them accusing each other of cheating.

“I followed you out of love, but there comes a time when love fades, but I am not your enemy nor do I hold any grudge. In fact, I’m proud that you’re happy in your current relationship. You claim you don’t know why we broke up, well let me tell you, the day I found out you were having an affair with my brother, one I respect a lot in this music industry, I changed my mind. So let me ask you, who took the other for granted?” he explained.

Shooting back, Paula said, “I have never cheated on you for a single day, so leave me alone. I stayed with you for almost a year while you were with your wife. You wanted me to stay with you while you secretly hid me and when you go to your wife, you claim that I bother you. When you come to me, you claim that your wife is bothering you. I knew your whole plan and that is why I left you. Do you know how much I have sacrificed for this relationship? Why don’t you tell me how you slept with my friends?”

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