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Fridah Kajala’s public apology for dating her daughter’s ‘man’ Harmonize

Tanzanian socialite Fridah Kajala has publicly apologized to her daughter, Paula, after the shocking revelation that they both had relationships with singer Harmonize.

Through their reality show, “Behind The Glam,” Fridah Kajala opened up about her regret, expressing remorse for not considering the consequences of her actions.

Seeking to mend their relationship, she approached Paula to have a heart-to-heart conversation.

“I am sorry,” Fridah said, clearly embarrassed and remorseful.

Confused by her mother’s apology, Paula questioned the need for it.

Fridah acknowledged that she felt she had failed as a mother and expressed remorse for not heeding her daughter’s advice.

“I feel like I failed you as a mom. You look up to me for everything. We have a very good bond, but I made a decision that you repeatedly warned me against. I am sorry. It hurts me because there are things I should have considered. I feel bad, but there is nothing I can do,” Fridah apologized.

In yet another scene, Frida confided in a therapist where she revealed that her daughter had been deeply affected by the public’s negative perception of her due to the allegations.

Paula had expressed concerns about the long-term implications and feared that the publicity would hinder her future.

“There was a day she confided in me, sharing her worries about how people view her.

She was scared that the negative publicity would have a lasting impact on her life. Her words made me realize the pain she was going through,” Fridah revealed.

Paula, in response, assured her mother that there was no animosity between them, emphasizing that they should leave the past behind.

Meanwhile, singer Harmonize expressed his disapproval of Rayvanny’s involvement with Paula, especially considering that she was still a school-going girl at the time.

Harmonize believed that Rayvanny’s actions were driven by jealousy, as he was dating Fridah Kajala, Paula’s mother, at the same time.

Harmonize further criticized Rayvanny for potentially jeopardizing Paula’s life for the sake of his own music career.

The controversy surrounding Rayvanny’s Valentine’s Day videos, where he appeared cozy with Paula, deeply angered Fridah Kajala, who even called for government intervention to address the matter.

In April, Frida said that she had moved on from her relationship with Harmonize.

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