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From his Sh1.1million salary, MP Peter Salasya takes home less than Sh100,000

By Beth Nyambura February 24th, 2023 2 min read

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya takes home only Sh97,000 from a salary of Sh1.1million a month. This is after hefty deductions, the MP have revealed after sharing his payslip online.

While the first-time MP wanted to show how much he pays in taxes to the government, the said payslip has only sparked an another debate about the lawmaker.

“Let me demonstrate to Hon Aaron Cheruiyot, deputy prezda Gachagua my great friend CS Murkomen that all Kenyans have shares in this country. I contribute 300k plus to revenue and the president is the only our watchman for our contributions and it’s our right to ask for development,” Salasya said in the post.

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According to the payslip, the vocal MP pays more than half a million for mortgage and a car loan of Sh89,000. The slip also shows that he earns an administrative allowance of Sh134,000 as a KNA member.

He also draws a house allowance of Sh150,000, a sitting allowance of Sh90,000, a telephone allowance of Sh15,000 and a Vehicle Fixed Cost of Sh356,525.

However, on social media, one user said most of the MP’s contributions go to securing a decent livelihood and retirement such as mortgages, cars and shares, unlike common citizens who don’t have such privileges despite being taxed heavily.

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“As much as he has a mortgage and car loan implying a good life, he has funerals to contribute to, school fees to pay, hospital bills and houses to build for his constituents,” the user said.

“He has a mortgage and car loan this man is not poor,” another user commented.

The Salasya bought a new top of the range vehicle shortly after he was elected.

“This vehicle belongs to the people of Mumias East. It does not belong to me alone. When you see it, just know it belongs to the people,” he said back then.

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