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From Thee Pluto’s shadow to TikTok stardom: The rise of Goddy Hunch

Goddy Hunch, the younger brother of YouTube vlogger Thee Pluto, has been making a name for himself as a content creator and social media influencer in his own right.

Despite coming from a humble background, Hunch has excelled academically. He excelled in his end-of-high school examination from Baringo High school and scored an A- minus.

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Goddy is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Jomo Kenyatta University College of Agriculture and Technology.

As a content creator, Hunch has faced challenges such as lacking resources and the pressure to create unique and engaging content.

Talking to Nairobi News, the 19-year-old expressed the kind of challenges he sometimes goes through as a content creator.

“I sometimes lack content. Everyone has a unique way of creating their own content, and finding outstanding content different from the others that will attract an audience can be quite hectic. It is also not easy raising the resources needed to shoot quality content like cameras and microphones.”

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However, he has persevered and entertained his fans with his TikTok videos, which have gained over 3.2 million likes and 154.1K followers.

Despite the challenges, he never disappoints because you will always see him going out of his way to shoot and upload videos to entertain his fans, he also mentioned how discouraging it is when he uploads videos on his socials, and the video generates few views.

“Sometimes you get that there are less views, even after all the effort you have put into the production of the video. This can be discouraging at times,” Goddy said.

Despite his growing popularity, Hunch remains humble and grounded, learning from his past relationships and striving to engage with his fans despite the overwhelming number of DMs he receives.

From being in the shadow of his famous brother to becoming a TikTok star in his own right, Goddy Hunch is proof that anyone can make it in the world of social media with hard work and dedication.

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