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Fruit trees or grass? Facebookers divided over Sonko’s beautification project

By SYLVANIA AMBANI September 17th, 2018 2 min read

Nairobians on social media are a divided lot over the ongoing Nairobi beautification project.

While some feel that Governor Mike Sonko should continue planting grass on roadsides, others feel that a more long lasting option will be to plant fruit trees like avocados and guavas.

A netizen by the name Franklin Nestor on Facebook sparked the debate by declaring the governor’s beautification project as a waste of public funds.

He implored Sonko to plant fruits trees like avocado, guava, lemon instead that will be of benefit to Nairobians.

“Instead of planting useless weeds, plant avocados, guavas, lemon etc that will give back to the community, in 2 years it will be a vine yard. Otherwise this is just a money laundering scheme. This is the avenue where money is lost in the name of beautification,” said Franklin Nestor.

This elicited mixed reactions from Nairobians online.

“Utoto will always kill you… Who plants lemons and avocados inside a city.. Backward reasoning,” said Mash J. Kinywiro.

“I agree with you Frankline Nestor fruit trees will help and of course contribute to food security,” wrote Sam Mwangi.

“To each their own please how would you expect Avocados, Guavas, and Lemons etc planted along these roads? The Governor just said how he is beautifying the City Roads, not Shambas,” commented Pablo Nzengu.

“I’m interested in the part of distribution of the avocados and guavas who will own them? The county government or the street children? Or passer-by?” asked Meiteikini Ali Le Kosen.

“Which city in the world have you seen avocados and guavas grown for beautification purposes? Are you insane?” asked Errol Collins.

“ I like the idea too coz most people who are against the fruits they can’t even remember the last time they ate a fruit coz of their high prices in the market, fruit trees have flowers also and are green eg grapes, plans keeping in mind too much water will be used too to maintain the flowers ,killing two birds with one stone is not a bad idea,” said Miguma Miguma.