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Fuel crisis: Lawyer Nelson Havi buys bicycle

Lawyer Nelson Havi appears to have put his money where his mouth is after he was spotted buying a bicycle.

In videos shared on his Twitter page, the aspiring politician is initially spotted shopping for a mountain bike at a shop.

The bike retails for between Sh6000 and Sh50000.

Clad in a black coat, white shirt, yellow tie, and grey trousers, the renowned lawyer is then seen testing the bike.

Nairobi News could not ascertain if the act was a political gimmick or otherwise but the politician has seemingly stayed true to his word.

The move follows a recent tweet by the renowned lawyer who urged Kenyans to buy bicycles as a way of helping curb both the scarcity of fuel and the rising price of the commodity.

He argued that abandoning auto-mobiles and switching to options that do not require fuel like bicycles will prompt oil marketers to reduce fuel prices.

“What if all of us bought bicycles and rode to work or school in Nairobi?” he posed in a Tweet.

“The caprice of oil marketers will end. Traffick nightmares will be a forgotten past. Carbon pollution will be reduced. Importantly, we will be effortlessly fit and healthy. I am buying mine today. Are you?”

Fuel currently is a rare commodity in Kenya for the past two weeks with motorists required to queue for long hours to access the product.

While increasing the price of the commodity by Sh10, the government on Thursday stressed that the shortage was artificial and expects it to end in three days.