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Fuel prices increased ahead of Christmas festivities

By HILARY KIMUYU December 14th, 2017 1 min read

Kenyan motorists will pay more for petrol following an upward review of pump prices by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

ERC has increased fuel prices for the second consecutive month putting pressure on consumers’ budget.

Super Petrol will retail at Sh104.17, while diesel and kerosene have been adjusted upwards by Sh0.03 to Sh92.44 and Sh0.19 to Sh71.42 respectively.

ERC attributed the changes to the average landed cost of imported super petrol, which it said increased by 4.21 per cent from Sh63,144 per tonne in October to Sh65,804 in the month of November.

“The free on board price of Murban crude oil lifted in November was posted at US$63.65 (Sh6,583) per barrel, an increase of 9.55 per cent from US$58.10 (6009) per barrel in October,” ERC said in a statement.

In last month’s review, super petrol went up by Sh3.37 per litre to retail at Sh101.67, while diesel and kerosene increased by Sh1.85 and Sh1.82 to retail at Sh88.71 and kerosene at Sh66.18 respectively.

The new retail prices will remain in place until January 14, when ERC will issue new price guides.