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Pain at the pump as fuel prices rise

Fuel prices increased on Tuesday for the second month in a row due to rising global oil prices.

Petrol is up Sh1.92 a litre to Sh86.17 in Nairobi, while diesel – mainly used to power trucks, buses and industrial machinery – increased by Sh3.34 to Sh73.71 a litre.

Kerosene, mainly used by poor homes for lighting and cooking, is up by Sh3.82 to Sh50.80, according to new prices released by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

The new pump prices will be in place for the next one month.

Treasury recently raised the road maintenance levy from Sh12 per litre of diesel or petrol to Sh18 in the budget for the new financial year.

Kerosene users will bear the cost burden of Sh7.20 a litre that has been introduced as excise duty to discourage oil marketers from mixing it with diesel in pursuit of higher margins.

Kerosene was previously zero-rated and is not charged the roads maintenance levy, making it cheaper.