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Fugitive: How Lang’ata MP’s gardener evaded arrest after stealing from him

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 19th, 2023 3 min read

Lang’ata Member of Parliament Phelix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, has extended a forgiving hand to his two former employees who were accused of stealing a substantial amount of money from him.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Jalang’o welcomed back one of the employees, Eli, and assured him that all past grievances had been forgiven.

In a candid conversation captured on video, Jalang’o sought the truth surrounding the alleged theft.

He asked Eli to provide an honest account of what transpired.

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Eli began by recounting the events, stating that his friend, Litiema, had spotted a significant sum of money in Jalang’o’s BMW.

“It was in June 2022 on a Saturday. I was cleaning with Ndugu when Litiema mentioned that he had smelled money inside the car.”

Eli continued, “In the BMW. He said he could smell the money, so I assumed it was your money. We usually find a lot more money than that, so we thought we’d finish our work, do our cleaning as usual, and then leave in the evening. After all, the boss takes good care of us. He has paid us well.”

However, as Eli went to the back of the house and returned to wash another car, he noticed something amiss. “You know, there are many cars here, boss. I was washing the Discovery, while Litiema was handling the BMW. It was the BMW that had the money. When I returned from the back, I noticed that the gate was open, and I couldn’t find him anywhere.”

Eli searched for Litiema but could not locate him.

“While I was looking for him, I saw that we were already being broadcast on the airwaves.”

Fearing the consequences, Eli decided to flee on foot. Later, he told Jalang’o that they took a vehicle without number plates to travel to their village.

“I had to hide because the local residents might have taken the law into their own hands. They could have ended our lives,” he narrated.

Jalang’o then asked Eli who had taken the money from his car. Eli disclosed:

“It was Morris who took the money.”

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Eli said that after taking the cash, they were confused what to do next.

“So, we decided to split the money equally. He told me he found one million shillings. He insisted that it was in new, unused notes.”

Eli expressed remorse for their actions, emphasizing that he was not a habitual thief.

Jalang’o inquired about their plan after dividing the money.

Eli explained that they were fearful and worried about possible arrest. He recounted how he became a fugitive in Bungoma.

“We regretted what we had done but didn’t know what to do because our images were already on the airwaves, making it impossible to move freely.”

They eventually took a private vehicle without plates to escape Kenya, using various routes and paying people along the way to evade detection. “Going into hiding is not a game,” Eli added.

Eli and Litiema eventually went their separate ways. Eli learned a valuable lesson about greed: “I realized it’s better to earn money little by little, not rushing; one day, it will come.”

He also mentioned how he often called Jalang’o to apologize.

He thanked the MP for forgiving them and assured him that he had learned from his mistakes, vowing not to repeat the offence.

“I am back now. No need to worry about me. You can leave money in the car without any concerns.”

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