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Fugitive ‘rapist doctor’ taunts police, victims on social media

A fake doctor who is facing rape accusations has gone into hiding but remained active on social media taunting police and his victims.

By press time (Tuesday 1pm), police had yet to nab Mugo wa Wairimu despite orders by the director of public prosecutions Keriako Tobiko and Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet Monday.

This is in stark contrast to how bloggers Robert Alai and ‘Lieutenant’ Alan Wadi were quickly snuffed out when they were wanted by police for cybercrimes.

Mugo, previously known for spewing tribal vitriol on Facebook, made his last post some 12 hours ago.


He said: “I’ve just watched Citizen 7.00 pm bulletin. And the medical board says the alleged rapist is neither a doctor nor a nurse… Only an idiot kenyan can believe such hogwash. So where did this “rapist” come from? From Mars or Neptune? How has he managed to run such a big institution without their knowledge? Let them all resign and spare Kenyans crap. One of them has just been trying to prevail on me to “at least show remorse to cool public anger”… Remorse? For what? You only express remorse for what you’re guilty of. My lawyer advised me to postpone any social media engagements for now, but I’d to respond to this hypocrisy… I’ve posted to inform, not to attract comments.”

He also took time to share two posts by Director of Digital at State House advising him to report to the nearest police station and be ready to defend himself before a court of law.


Mugo then terms the claims as mob justice by the media.

“Kenya is not Iraq, Syria or Yugoslavia. There is a competent police force to handle any manner of criminal investigations. If I’m guilty of these otherwise serious allegations, may I Rot in Kamiti maximum prison and subsequently in hell in the name of the most High God, he wrote.

“Those baying for my blood can as well go to hell on a one way ticket. It’s unlike me to stop on my way to respond to every barking stray dog. I’m happy the DPP has ordered the director of CID to launch immediate investigations into these allegations. I’m ready, more than ready to co-operate with the police 100 percent. That’s all I got to state for now.”

Earlier, he had told his supporters that he was safe and even thanked them for showing concern through numerous phone calls.


“I’m safe, very safe. Can’t answer the hundreds of calls coming in per minute. Just know I’m safe and strong. Time is the remedy of everything. In the meantime, im still well within the jurisdiction of our legal system,” he said.

“I’d not hesitate to present myself to the police if needed any minute, anytime. For now, just be assured I’m safe and as fit as fiddle. I perfectly understand the frustration of the thousands of my friends trying to reach me…”

Before the expose aired on Sunday evening, he had taunted the station asking his followers to “watch this choreographed pornography in citizen in ten minutes or so”.

“I’m still waiting for the earthquake that citizen TV promised. I thought it’d be at 9.00 pm. Or was it 9.00 pm UK time?” he wrote.

“Just that?…” he wrote after it aired. “Unbowed.”