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Full list of areas affected by lack of power

The full list of areas that will on August 21, 2023, be affected by a power blackout can now be revealed.

Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) on August 20, 2023, announced the blackout was as a result of ‘normal maintenance’. The power outage will last eight hours.

In Bomet County, the specific areas that will be affected by the power blackout include; Tenwek, Merigi and Silibwet.

Others include; Motigo Tea Factory, Stegro Tea Factory, Tenwek Hospital, Koma, Chepngaina, Kapsoiyo, Kipkebe, Irwaga, Cheboigong, Silibwet, Merigi, Mogombet, Mugango, Salaik, Saoset, Kiromwok, Kitoben, Kapkeseigo and adjacent customers.

In Nyeri County, the specific areas that will be affected include; Ndiriti and Mununga. Others include; Ndima Kanini, Kahuro TBC, Ndiriti, Kiang’ombe, Gathambi, Muragara, Kanyai TBC, Kiambagathi, Mihuru TBC, Mununga and adjacent customers.

In Bungoma County, Milo and Matulo areas will be affected by the power interruptions. The specific areas include; Nabwala, Kakimanyi, Yalusi, Khalumuli, Milo, Muji, Nang’oto, Kuuywa, Nabwala, Nambalayi, Ngwelo, Makhele.

Others are; Matulo Friends, Matulo RC and adjacent customers.

Whenever there is a power outage in an area, business people usually count losses especially those who fully rely on electricity.

Since January 2023, KPLC has been making similar announcements almost on a daily basis.

On August 15, 2023, the electricity provider’s director Joseph Siror explained how the company ends up incurring losses which in most cases lead to high power prices reflecting on consumer’s bills.

Mr Siror attributed price increases to commercial losses which is incurred during the transmission and distribution of power.

According to him, commercial losses were as a result of poor connections and vandalism which is now the major problem facing the organization.

“We are working on several projects involving the use of high-voltage power lines to reduce the technical losses that occur naturally when transmitting power over long distances. Ultimately this will reduce the cost of power,” Siror said.

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