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Fury as thug is hailed hero

The armed thug at the centre of a shoot-out between rival gangs during the battle for Dandora dump was given star treatment when he arrived at a peace rally called by police to end hostilities.

One man was killed and several injured in the gun fight, between gangs from Dandora and Korogocho.

The gunman went to the rally in the same car as Nairobi senator Mike Sonko and musician Jaguar.

Money for revolver

And he is now back home and Sh50,000 better off after county police boss Benson Kibue gave him an amnesty — and Sonko gave him Sh50,000 for surrendering his revolver.

The thug, named by police as Wambua Kalonje, revealed he also had an AK-47 assault rifle hidden in a field in Kiambu.


Five guns were surrendered.

He promised to surrender that too, but to date it has not been handed in.

Sonko said the payment was meant to encourage other with guns to surrender them to the police.

It was made in spite of bitter protests by Dandora residents who demanded Kalonje should be handcuffed and arrested.

Angry residents

But the residents, baying for his blood, was unable to reach him as he was protected by Sonko’s armed security detail and police officer.

In an attempt to pacify the agitated crowd of nearly 500, Kibue said the amnesty was meant to encourage those holding guns to hand them over to the police.

Those who failed to take advantage of the amnesty would have themselves to blame if they are found with the weapons in a mop-up operation set to start soon.

“We are aware of that gun and we have sent police officers to accompany an accomplice to get it from Kiambu where it is hidden. It will arrive here in a few minutes,” Kibue said.

But by Monday morning, three days after Kibue’s promise to the crowd, Buruburu OCPD Richard Kerich said Kalonje had not handed in the second gun.