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Fury over schools closure order

By MERCY NJOKI September 18th, 2015 2 min read

Parents whose children are in private schools have slammed the governments’ decision to close all public and private learning institutions starting Monday.

One parent lamented that he had paid more than Sh150,000 for his children for third term and could not fathom the logic of forcing his two children out of school.

Another, Pamella Kasyoki said she had been forced to start looking for a house help to look after her two children, against her plans, since they were in a boarding school. Many took to social media to air their outrage.

Twitter user (@nyoxmungwa) had no kind words to Education Cabinet Secretary Prof Jacob Kaimenyi and said, “Hii kenya si yako. Dictatorship rudisha nyumbani.”

Another (@Omollo) added, “More children will get pregnant when they remain idle for long,” while (@dany_kabiru said in regard to Kaimenyi, “He will never win this battle. This is about fidelity to the rule of law. It’s beyond him.”


@collins_mutiso raised a concern saying, “So now my Daughter is back home on a forced holiday, who refunds me the fees? This education thing is becoming comical.”

But not all disagreed with the decision by the Education ministry. Praising the decision to have all schools closed, @PolycarpHinga tweeted, “Kanyagia papo hapo mzee! If teachers wont work without salaries from 1997, let us hire new ones!”

Expressing his disappointment, @thebahati added, “I’ve paid fees for my child in a private school. If its closed, whom in GoK do I see about a refund? I have the receipt.”

The closure order, which was communicated by Leah Rotich, the acting Education secretary, came shortly after the release of national examination timetables.

KCPE and KCSE candidates are expected to report to their respective schools on Monday September 21. It is no clear who will supervise the National Examination that will kick off in October. The