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Fury over Sonko’s plan to turn Uhuru Park into a matatu terminus

A proposed plan by Senator Mike Sonko to turn Uhuru Park into a matatu terminus should he be elected governor in 2017 has drawn angry reactions from city residents.

Senator Sonko had on Tuesday said the park will be turned into a drop-off zone for public transport vehicles in his grand plan to decongest the city centre.

The backlash to the proposal was fast and furious, with city residents questioning the motive of the proposed plan as well as Sonko’s leadership credentials.

Others expressed contentment to have a congested CBD as the price for keeping Uhuru Park untouched.

Uhuru Park has survived previous efforts for a change of use, including a proposal by former President Daniel arap Moi government to turn it over to private ownership.

Environmentalist and nobel peace price winner the late Wangari Maathai resisted the proposal to the chagrin of the regime.