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GABON DIARY: Top CAF officials trailed by wives in Libreville

Top football administrators gracing the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon seem to be haunted by their reputation of being party animals during major tournaments.

The sight of the officials accompanied by their spouses has consequently raised eyebrow among journalists here.

At the Radisson Blu hotel in Libreville where most continental chiefs are residing, the officials can be seen routinely being trailed by their wives.

The officials, including heads of Football Associations (FA) in all African countries, are paid allowances of upto $350 (Sh35,000), excluding full board accomodation in top hotels.

One particular FA president is said to have ferried two spouses here from his native country, and was still seen by journalists dancing the night away with a ‘fresh catch’ at an entertainment club in Port Gentil last week.

The officials engage in various assignments, including working as match commissars and heading various departments such as the Appeals Board and the Disciplinary unit.

Accommodation charges at the five-star facility range from $300 (Sh30,000) to $2000 (Sh200,000) per night.

The prsence of several light-skinned beauties hovering around the hotel lobbies perhaps lends credence to the narrative that the spouses here are taking no chances.