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GABON DIARY: Port Gentil, coastal city with a vibrant night life

The sleepy coastal city of Port Gentil seems to burst to life immediately daylight gives way to moonlight.

That is when skimpily dressed twilight ladies begin creeping into the streets where alcohol will be consumed by the gallons until the wee hours of the morning.

The presence of upto 10 night clubs along a single streets perhaps lends credence to the vibrant night life of this city.

Most of these entertainment spots are full house. Beer prices here though are just as costly as in Kenya.


A bottle of beer retails at averagely Sh150 although the same obviously retails at a higher price at high end clubs.

In the club, West African songs, especially those by Nigerian artistes, get much playtime. At one hangout, where yours truly whiled the night away, the one Kenyan track that was played was Zikki and Jaguar’s Take it Slow.

Then there is the age old trade of peddling flesh. Port Gentil is – for lack of a better word – a haven for commercial sex workers.

You’ll spot them by their numbers seated on stools on dingy streets. Others roam free on the street soliciting for clients. Interestingly, most of them are multilingual, although a good number of them have a heavy Nigerian accent.


A majority, as per our investigation, charge a flat rate of 5000CFA (Sh400) for their illicit “service”.

“I get upto ten clients on a good night. Most of them are foreigners and professionals especially teachers,” said one of the ladies who refused to reveal her name.

Curiously, there were police in sight for the whole night when Nairobi News ventured out into the night.

Neither was there the mandatory frisking that Kenyans have become accustomed before being granted entry into entertainment joints.