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Gabu of P-Unit now doing solo projects

After Frasha launched his solo projects about a month ago, the next member of P-Unit, Gabu, is up next.

Gabu has been in the studio recording several songs with other musicians away from P-Unit members Frasha and Bon’Eye.

Last week, he released a collaboration he has done with artistes Ulopa, Kristoff and Petra.

This past week, he recorded a song with rapper Abbas.

Contacted, Gabu maintains that P-Unit is still intact.

“There is nothing wrong with people expanding their music territories; it happens. However, as P-Unit, we are still one group and we are ready to do bigger things in music,” he said.

It is not clear if Bon’Eye is doing the same, but he has been busy with his architectural company, Web Limited, where he is a director.