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Gabu: Why I had to undergo surgery

In one moment in life something will happen to make a person self-reflect on their life. That moment recently came to rapper Gabriel Kagundu popularly known as Gabu when he had to undergo surgery.

Having been mostly been away from the limelight it was shocking to his fans when the rapper shared pictures of himself in hospital.

There was little information available as to what exactly happened.

“It was a chilling moment for me, I had a hump at the back of my head that had swollen. I want for a CT scan and was told it was collected fat. The fat had collected outside my skull. So they advised me to have it removed,” Gabu said.

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“This was the first time I had to go under the knife in a hospital. I thank God because the last time I was in a hospital for a serious treatment is over 20 years ago,” Gabu said.

“It was a chilling experience because anything that is happening to your head is scary. And a surgery, whether minor or major, is very serious because we have seen people who go into the theatre and never come out. So you just thank God when all goes well. I also thank my friends like singer Jaguar who was there for me,” he said.

Gabu started his music career as a group member of the popular music group P-Unit, the other members of the band being Frasha and Boneye. The group is reported to have been created by Genge rapper Nonini.

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Some of their major hits include Sio Lazima, Gentleman, among others.

The trio later started doing solo projects and have not produced music as a group for a while. In fact, Gabu was among the group of celebrities who had shown interest in politics. Gabu was hoping to become the next Member of the County Assembly for Woodley. He however lost to fellow artiste DNG.

“Sometimes it is good to see the industry as an outside person, so you can get to understand what is going on. But I am working on a few songs that I am hoping to release before the year ends. I think Kenyans have missed good music these days what we have is a lot of noise,” Gabu said.

“Though I did not win in the general election it is a step because it is high time young people start sitting in these negotiating tables. Leadership sio kesho ni saa hii, and I’m glad that the seat went to a youth, congratulations to DNG I wish him well,” he said.

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