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Gachagua: Everyone now wants a share of my Sh200 million

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua says he has been invited to more than 200 harambees since the government released his frozen money.

The Court of Appeal on Wednesday set aside High Court ruling that ordered the DP to forfeit Sh200 million to the government.

On their part, the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) said after gathering new evidence, they found out that the money forfeited to the State six months ago was not proceeds of crime and now the Deputy President had explained the source and legitimacy of the said money to satisfaction.

Speaking to Senators in Mombasa on Thursday during their post-election summit, Mr Gachagua said people around him have already started planning for the money.

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“You know the Uhuru (Kenyatta) government took my money but it was released yesterday, now everyone is planning for that money. Everyone has invited me to their harambees because it sounds like a lot of money” Gachagua said.

In 2020, the High Court froze Sh200 million belonging to Mr Gachagua pending a petition by a State agency for the money to be forfeited to the government.

Last year High Court Judge Esther Maina ruled that Mr Gachagua had failed to explain how he acquired the wealth from government agencies.

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ARA also said it never investigated allegations by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) that Mr Gachagua obtained the money fraudulently from various State institutions and Bungoma County government.

When the DCI raised the claim ARA moved in and seized the money without conducting its own verification, Court of Appeal heard.

Justices Daniel Musinga, Imana Laibuta and Ngenye Macharia have allowed a consent signed by lawyers of both sides.

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The frozen funds were held in three accounts at Rafiki Microfinance Bank in Gachagua’s name.

One of the accounts held Sh165 million, a second one Sh35 million and a third had Sh773,228.

The court also directed that some Sh1,138,142, held in a fourth account registered in the name of Jenne Enterprises be released.

Last year, during the election period, Mr Gachagua said he would ensure he recovers his frozen funds if he became the Deputy President.

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