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Gachagua: Raila supporters should forget government favours

By Mercy Simiyu February 20th, 2023 2 min read

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has warned those who did not vote for President William Ruto in the August 2022 polls should not expect immediate favours from the government.

Speaking in Kericho on February 19, 2022, the controversial DP stressed that he will personally see to it that those who voted in President William Ruto are rewarded with state appointments and business contracts.

Mr Gachagua explained there are people who had invested their time, and millions of shillings, and even risked their political careers and lives to support President William Ruto and it was only fair that they reap where they’d sown.

“Do not expect any government jobs or contracts if you did not vote for me and Ruto,” said Gachagua.

“I will be at State House to monitor the queue. If I see you on the queue seeking favours and yet you were not part of us during the campaign period, I will see to it that you are pushed further behind,” added the DP, amid cheers from those present.

Gacgahua’s remarks could be interpreted to be aimed at a group of politicians who recently shifted allegiance to President Ruto after backing Azimio leader Raila Odinga in the August 2022 polls.

President Ruto largely benefitted from the support of Central Kenya and Rift Valley to win a tight race and succeed former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mr Odinga’s unsuccessful presidential bid was backed by Western Kenya, Eastern and at the Coast as per the official statistics released by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commision (IEBC).

Since assuming office, President Ruto has widely rewarded his political allies with plum government positions including as Cabinet and Principal Secretaries. These include poll losers such as Moses Kuria, Aisha Jumwa and Jonathan Mueke.

Some of the Head of State’s allies including Cleophas Malala, Millicent Omanga, Okoth Obado, Charles Njagua ‘Jaguar’ are yet to be rewarded though, amid claims they are being considered for the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) role.

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