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Gachagua rebukes Raila for not giving offerings and tithes in church

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has sensationally discredited ODM leader Raila Odinga’s leadership credentials because he doesn’t giving offerings and tithes in church.

Speaking on Friday in Kisii County during the homecoming ceremony of Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Mochogu, the Deputy President also claimed Mr Odinga is against paying tithes and that he has never built any church or school.

Huyu Rais wetu William Ruto, ametembea hapa Kisii more than 200 times (our president has visited Kisii County more than 200 times). He has built SDA, Catholic and Pentecostal churches as well as schools. He has bought several school buses. But how many churches has Odinga built?” Gachagua posed.

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“Has he given any offering? He is even against paying tithe. Why do you vote for Raila? Tell me people of Kisii, why do you pay him by voting for him yet he has not brought any development?” he went on.

Gachagua said regardless of the the little votes they gave, President William Ruto has rewarded the people of Kisii. He urged Abagusii community to choose their leaders wisely in the next General Election.

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“After four years, you will decide how many shares you want in your government. So choose wisely. Next time if they fail to get enough shares, then they will be excluded in the next government. For now, we have forgiven you for the little votes, but you will pay for it if you fail to vote for this government in the next general election.”

This is not the first time such claims have been made against Mr Odinga. In December 2021, President Ruto called the ODM leader stingy for not giving offerings in church.

“Yule rafiki yetu, haji harambee ya kanisa, hakuji shule, hakuji ya akina mama na hata sadaka peke yake hatoi (our friend does not come nor contribute to harambees for churches and schools. He also doesn’t tithe),” Ruto said.

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